Some nifty tips and FREE social media tools to help you manage your various accounts + build an online social media presence




Managing your start-up’s social media presence can prove to be quite a challenging task. Just thinking about what to post or how to improve audience engagement can drive you up the wall. However, there are plenty of tools out there that can make your task of managing your social media channels much easier. These tools have features that can help you save time and improve your overall productivity.
While quite a few of these tools are paid, here are some free ones you should consider using:SocialBro
SocialBro is designed to help manage your Twitter account better. The tool comes with features that help you understand your followers by giving you insights into their social activity. It also provides an analysis on ideal posting times.

DrumUp is a highly functional social media content management tool for Facebook and Twitter. It uses several NLP algorithms to generate content suggestions based on the user’s keyword inputs. The content suggested is fresh (often published just 24 hours ago). The posts can be automatically or manually scheduled, and can be easily edited or customised. Custom posts can also be added to the queue.

Followerwonk is a powerful social media tool that helps you make the right connections on Twitter. It comes with features such as Bio that can help you search for people who share common interests. This way you have the opportunity to expand your virtual community. The analytics feature also allows you to observe your followers’ activity and also your own. It also allows you to track followers to help you identify trends.

TweetReach is a tool that can help you measure the effectiveness of your marketing and social media campaigns on Twitter. It can provide you with crucial insights by monitoring your hashtags and giving you insight into the impact of your social media activity.

Twenty Feet
Twenty Feet can help boost your social media strategy by letting you connect all your social media accounts to one source. Once that is done, Twenty Feet uses analytics on each account to produce statistics on your performance.

HowSociable is a social media analytics tool that monitors your brand presence by collecting and analysing data from 36 of the most popular social media websites. It provides an overall score based on the information collected to show how your brand has been performing. The scores can also be determined for specific social media platforms to help you address any issues you may be facing.

Social Mention
Social Mention is a tool that provides search and analysis services in real time. It analyses sentiments to show how your posts are being received. It has a Post Rank feature that measures your social engagement using advanced algorithms.

Klout helps users discovers content to share with their audience and also generates a ‘Klout Score’ that shows the user’s social influence.

Viralwoot is a social media management tool designed to help you manage your Pinterest account. It helps you schedule your pins and gives you alerts on people who are pinning from your page.

Kred is a real time measurement tool that provides analytics on social media engagement. It uses data from your Facebook and Twitter account to give you a Kred score that lets you know your influence and outreach.

Topsy is a social media analytics tool designed for Twitter that helps you review shares, track sentiments and search for influencers. The tool also helps you find trending tweets for a particular keyword or topic.

Icerocket is a real-time search engine that is primarily designed for social media and blogs, and it is also capable of searching trending videos, movies, and newly generated links.

Addictomatic is a social media search engine that lets you see how your brand is being presented on various social media platforms.

IFTTT is an app that lets you create automated tasks that are carried out as soon as the conditions you provide are met.

Rapportive functions as an add-on to your Gmail account. It provides information about your contacts such as location, shared connections, profession, and more.

Qzzr is a social media marketing tool that allows you to create fun and unique quizzes. These quizzes and also their results can be shared through various social media platforms using the share function.

Swayy is a content discovery tool that also offers content scheduling and social media analytics. The tool streamlines the entire social media management function into a single workflow.

Conversation Score
Conversation Score is a tool that allows you to track the performance, engagement and influence of your brand’s Facebook page.

Twazzup serves as a brand performance indicator on Twitter. It provides performance data for your brand based on top retweets and influencers.

Collecto is a social media tool designed for Instagram that provides you with statistics about your account. It even assists in organising your photos and albums.