QR Codes & Business Cards

Market your small business by being techno-savvy!

For decades traditional business cards have been an important point of contact when meeting new and potential clients. These little cards have presented the opportunity to make a huge impression if designed well with all the appropriate info.

However in recent years information has become redundant and it has become cumbersome to store and recall too many business cards. Information overload is also a means to an end as one is bombarded by so many leaflets and business cards at an expo for example. The result is very likely that your well designed card has ended up in the trash a few days later.

The good news is that this medium is presenting new opportunities using QR codes. Qr Codes were designed for high speed component scanning initially used in the automotive industry in Japan. If you have not heard about QR codes you may have seen them. A Quick Response Code is the trademark for a type of matrix barcode consisting of black modules (square dots) arranged in a square grid on a white background, which can be read by an imaging device such as a camera on your smartphone , Ipad or tablet.

This new technology has since presented much more opportunities in the marketing sphere. Using a QR code on a business card presents the receiver with the convenience of scanning your business card with their phone or tablet and storing it in the browser history or as a bookmarked page for their convenience when they would like to access it. The possibilities are endless! Depending on your marketing goals, within a second or two of scanning , you can drive a potential client to the landing page on your website, an online portfolio or even launching an email.

Why not give your business a competitive edge with QR codes on a new batch of business cards! At Lilac Design Studio we pride ourselves in consulting with our clients, gathering all prudent information from you. We assist you in achieving your marketing goals and targets be it increasing sales or increasing traffic to your website etc (test theQR code on our business card below and see where it takes you wink emoticon we can do the same for your company).

Beat your competitors by having a clean, quick form of accessing your company’s details which we guarantee will be extremely satisfying for both your business in reaping a great return on investment and appreciated by your client’s for its sheer convenience.

Call Lilac Design Today to have your business card designed with the QR code imbedded for optimal return on investment for your adspend!