About Us

Our Vision

Lilac Design Studio’s vision is to help small to medium size companies grow and expand their business. We want to help you create brand equity and corporate identity as well as gaining an online presence.

Our Mission

We promise to provide you with:

  • High Quality Service: Our promise to you is to deliver a superior customer service and to ensure that we provide extraordinary ideas to all our clients that will resonate with their mission and vision for their product, service or brand.
  • Paying Attention to the Finer Detail: We take great pride in providing a service that showcases excellence to the finer detail!! This always gives any project that marketing and creative edge which stands out.
  • Providing an End to End Service: We provide an integrated service offering to clients who require a complete project.

Idea Conceptualization – Marketing – Graphic Design – Printing

Who are we?

Tasneem Ahmed – Founder and Director

Young and passionate entrepreneur, Tasneem graduated at the University of Johannesburg with a B.Com Marketing Management degree. Tasneem left a successful and promising career at Procter & Gamble to raise her daughter and start the marketing company in order to follow her ambition and passion in marketing and design.

Tasneem’s love for nature and birds inspired the name of the company, Lilac Design Studio. The lilac breasted roller is a pretty, brightly coloured bird known for its aerobatic prowess. It’s a very unique bird as it’s able to take prey “on the wing” which means majority of the time it’s acrobatic enough to hunt and eat in the air. This little bird is very meticulous and every move made is executed with precision and focus.

Our team at Lilac Design Studio promise to provide you with a high quality service for our valued clients, where we always pay attention to the finer details that gives every project a creative edge!

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